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My Dad is an electrician and worked out in every weather environment you can imagine. Every once in a while, I was able to go with him. Getting to go with him was always fun. Since we lived in the Allegheny Mountains in the Western Tier of NY near Buffalo, Dad always had a hat around when colder weather arrived...just like the ones I knit today. Many times, once the chill of the morning wore off, or if he got to work in a "finished" house, the hat was pulled off and I trotted off to toss it onto the bench seat of the Dodge truck.

Most times, when I went with him on a job and I wasn't fetching different tools for him, I would sit on a overturned 5 gallon bucket and just watch him work. I loved the smell of the pine sawdust from freshly cut boards that were on nearly all the job sites. I was usually pretty intrigued while just sitting there; seeing how he easily hammered staples into the 2X4 studs to guide the wire, or watching him crawl or pull wires though tight spots with, what seemed like to a 7 year old girl, superman strength. I never went on him on a job without him making sure we stopped at a small gas station for a candy bar or a soda while we were out. We usually got Snickers. ❤

As I sit and knit these hats, scarves, and mittens I imagine them being worn by men just like my dad. Men that work hard and love their families. That's one of the reasons I use the yarn I do. It gives the warmest result, is long lasting, and looks good...something every man wants! I've had construction workers, seamen and hunters (and their wives!) all buy and enjoy my hats, vests, fingerless gloves, mittens and scarves.

By the way, if you find the item I made for you isn't preforming like you think it should, contact me. I want you happy. I've guaranteed my work for that very reason.

Oh, and if you have an idea for a hat, scarf or mittens you would like to see me sell, let me know. My best items are from men that have suggested I make them!

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